"Madness Hydraulic"
Author: Tom Fulp


Audio used: Various
Origin: 09/22/2010
Size: 17.5 MB
Score(As of 25 November, 2011): 4.43/5.00
Genre: - Shooter - Run'n'Gun Action - Shooter - Run'n'Gun
Author's comments:
Upgrade Hank, build turrets and blast the baddies through progressively intense, CPU-crushing waves.

Made for Madness Day 2010 and based on the Madness characters by Krinkels.

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Madness Hydraulic is a flash game made by Tom Fulp and MindChamber. It contains characters and weapons from Madness Accelerant, the previous Madness flash game made by Tom Fulp.


Unlike prior Madness games made by Tom Fulp and MindChamber, Madness Hydraulic is a round-based game with RPG components. At the start of each round, players can spend money to heal Hank, the playable character, upgrade his various stats, and purchase and improve turrets that automatically fire upon enemies within their range. Players must destroy all enemies to make more money and finish the round, at which point they can spend their money once again. Although the game lacks traditional boss fights and an ending, there are noticeable changes throughout the game. Enemies become increasingly numerous, there are occasional rounds which are fought against zombies, and in some stages, the area will tilt back and forth,


Madness Hydraulic's gameplay is very similar to Madness Accelerant, as well as the graphics, down to identical controls and weaponry. Players can play using either just the keyboard to run, jump, aim, and shoot, or they can use the WASD keys to move and the mouse to aim and fire. However, there are a few notable differences. Various upgrades will allow Hank to move faster, hit harder, and jump more times in midair, making Madness Hydraulic a constantly changing game. The inclusion of turrets also allows the player to beat rounds without attacking a single enemy directly by luring them into the turrets' range and avoiding enemy fire.


Madness Hydraulic.png
Madness Hydraulic features some "tilting" stages.
Madness Hydraulic uses similar graphics as 2009's Madness Accelerant, featuring similar characters and weaponry, drawn in a traditional Madness style. However, the stage the game takes place in, the interface, and the music are all new. In total, the game features half a dozen tracks from different artists.


Like Madness Regent and Madness Accelerant before it, Madness Hydraulic was one of the greatest hits of Madness Day 2010. Although it won no awards, it was the top scoring game on Madness Day and was voted the sixth best game of September 2010.[1][2] As of May 2012, it has over 700,000 views, in addition to an average review of 8.4/10.

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