Madness Apotheosis is the fourth entry in the Madness series.

Plot Edit

Hank, now with bandages around his torso where he was stabbed, as well as his head bandages, hunts down Tricky (still a zombie, and working as a DJ at Club M). He storms through the Club, killing anyone who gets in his way; encountering the first 1337 agent and acquiring an MP5 submachine gun and a deadly katana. The clown hunt continues as he descends a short stairway and enters the basement, which is where the rave is in progress. Hank shoots Tricky, making the ravers angry, and they attack him(except one, who stays behind), but Hank slices and shoots his way through Tricky's ravers. At this point, Jesus and the zombified 1337 agent appear (squashing the last raver) with the caption "OMFG", and then, Jesus summons up a white aura of small heads, and resurrects Hank's fallen victims. 'Zombie Mode-Go' appears on the screen as Hank once again fights his way towards Jesus. In the end of the animation, Hank is shot repeatedly by Jesus and a zombie, and sets off an explosive on his body, blowing up himself and Jesus. The final scene shows the clown dancing, with a caption that states, "And he danced."

This is the first animation where Hank is referred to as 'Hank J. Wimbleton', in various wanted posters scattered around Club M. Also, the name "DJ Tricky M" appears in multiple posters showing a silhouette of the clown, as well as silhouettes of Cheshyre, the music composer for the film.

Reception Edit

Madness Apotheosis has had a total of over 3.6 million views, and has an average review of 9.7/10. It is featured in the Madness collection, along with the other main entries in the series. Madness Apotheosis also won the Daily Feature, Weekly Users' Choice, and Review Crew Pick Awards upon submission.

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