Madness 3
Hank, with bandages around his head, once again hunts the sheriff down. Partway through, the sheriff activates the Improbability Drive, causing insane occurrences, such as a giant marshmallow and whales falling from above, the sun taking mortal form, and walls descending from the sky to form a room. After the Drive's activation, Hank first encounters Tricky. Hank eventually kills the sun, plunging the land into eternal night, which continues onwards after Avenger (however, Antipathy appears to take place while a sun-like object is setting), kills Tricky twice (Tricky's second death happened after his resurrection by the Higher Powers), and encounters Jesus. At the end, Hank, armed with a shotgun, corners the sheriff, only to be run through by Jesus (with the 316 sword). He manages to kill both Jesus and the sheriff before dying himself. The Improbability Drive and the falling whale (seen in the background of the scene in front of "The Bakery!" are references to the Infinite Improbability Drive (and its effects, also from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a book written by Douglas Adams.) Old is coolio btw.

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