[[Image:Madness Combat]]
"Madness Combat"
Author: Krinkels
Audio used: N/A
Origin: 7/25/2002
Size: N/A
Score: N/A
Author's comments:
Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Madness Combat is a 2002 flash animation created by Krinkels. It is the first entry in the Madness series.

Plot Edit

Hank J. Wimbleton is standing by a tree and walks next to an identical looking man with a boom-box. The man with the boom-box punches Hank, this quickly escalates to an all-out brawl with many identical looking characters. Midway through the fight Jesus Christ shows up and attacks Hank. Jesus starts resurrecting Hank's defeated opponents as zombies. Hank manages to defeat both the zombies, and Jesus. Following this more people show up to challenge Hank, but are also defeated. After all enemies are defeated Hank stands by the boom-box and begins to dance. The animation ends with the words, "And so on this day our hero had slain thirty men. And he would later admit to having a good time doing it. (thirty-two people actually, if you count the zombies.)"

During the majority of the animation a man is dancing in the background to the music, not stopping until Hank shoots him at the very end.

Reception and legacy Edit

Madness Combat has been nearly universally praised, receiving an average voting score of 4.38/5.00 and an average review score of 9.6/10 on Newgrounds. Since then it has spawned nine direct sequels, several award winning games, and its own Newgrounds holiday, Madness Day.

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