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'''Combat''' is an Adobe Flash series made by [[Matt Jolly|
'''Madness Combat'''<nowiki> is an Adobe Flash series made by [[Matt Jolly}}</nowiki>
The series centers on an unnamed man (who has since received the name "[[Hank J. Wimbleton]]" from Krinkels on Internet forums). Hank, who is on a mission to wipe out an agency specifically tasked to kill him. Despite being killed several times, he is constantly revived and continues his mission to wipe out the agency.[[Image:Newgrounds_trickyhank20_1_4.jpg|thumb|312px|Tricky and Hank]]
The series centers on an unnamed man (who has since received the name "[[Hank J. Wimbleton]]" from Krinkels on Internet forums). Hank, who is on a mission to wipe out an agency specifically tasked to kill him. Despite being killed several times, he is constantly revived and continues his mission to wipe out the agency.[[Image:Newgrounds_trickyhank20_1_4.jpg|thumb|312px|Tricky and Hank]]

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Madness Combat is an Adobe Flash series made by [[Matt Jolly}}

The series centers on an unnamed man (who has since received the name "Hank J. Wimbleton" from Krinkels on Internet forums). Hank, who is on a mission to wipe out an agency specifically tasked to kill him. Despite being killed several times, he is constantly revived and continues his mission to wipe out the agency.

Tricky and Hank

It is distinguished by its unique style of animation; every character in the series is drawn simplistically, the primary color is gray, and facial features are replaced by a cross on each character's face. This is a common technique used in portraiture. Usually it is only used for sketching out the design, however, and not left in the final piece. Leaving these lines in is a unique part of the Madness Combat series.

The series' other distinguishing trait is its violence. People are killed in many different ways over the course of the series, and are often brought back as zombies by Jebus. In addition, Hank is killed at the end of every animation (with the exception of Madness Combat, Madness Antipathy (Hank dies and is revived by Tricky about two-thirds into the episode), and Madness Inundation (where he remains dead from Madness Consternation).

I'm working to kill everybody noo ==Deaths==


Hank is the primary character in the Madness Combat series, having first appeared in the original Madness Combat cartoon. He appears to be exceedingly well-trained in the lethal arts, being an expert marksman and a skilled hand-to-hand fighter. In Madness Redeemer, he was revealed to be hunting "The Sheriff"; he successfully killed him in Madness Avenger,..whereafter his goals are unknown (though some believe he hunts after "Jesus"). To date, Hank has died six times, and killed over 700 grunts and AAHW agents. The opening sequence of Madness Depredation nicknames him "The Protagonist" (although, he is more of an anti-hero, due to his actions in the first episode and the unexplained desire to murder the sheriff.)

Jebus Christ


The primary antagonist until Antipathy, he first appeared in Madness Combat 1 . In the early episodes, he works for the sheriff, but following the sheriff's death in Madness Combat 3: Avenger he seems to be independent. Jebus possesses many supernatural abilities, including levitation, the ability to ward off bullets, and the power to resurrect people from the dead as zombies. He was also Hank's most dangerous opponent, having killed him three out of the six times Hank has died. In his cameo appearance in Antipathy, he has apparently given up violence and was shown passively raking leaves. To date, Jebus has died five times. The opening sequence of Madness Depredation nicknames him "The Savior".



Tricky has abnormal and superhuman abilities, but only since the events of Madness Depredation. His face paint starts white, but his face turns green when he is resurrected as a zombie. Tricky is a wild card; neither the protagonist nor antagonist, he appears to dislike everyone except for the 1337 Crew and other minor characters. First appearing in Madness Redeemer, Tricky has been featured in every Madness Combat animation and short since. Initially a standard character of seemingly little importance, Tricky, over the course of the series, became Hank's most powerful foe. And has appeared in recent Friday Night Funkin mod.

The Sheriff

The Sheriff

Hank's first target, distinguished from the rest of the characters by his black "cowboy hat". Hank is first seen hunting down the sheriff for unknown reasons; in Madness Interactive, it's because he stole Hank's pie, but Krinkels has said that only applies to the game, and not the series. The sheriff is well-guarded, as suits his position, and has both a horde of inept men and the infinitely-more-successful Jebus on his payroll. At the end of Madness Redeemer, Hank is killed by Jebus before he can kill the sheriff, but he successfully kills both of his foes before dying himself in Madness Avenger. The sheriff is not an Immortal, and so he has remained dead since then. Krinkels has claimed to dislike the sheriff, so he may never return.


The Auditor

The auditor is a mysterious character introduced in Madness Consternation. He controls superhuman powers, like spawning weapons, warping, and levitation.

Higher Powers

Higher Powers are the entities that watch over Hank J. Wimbleton and Jebus in the Madness Series. They are responsible for Hank's repeated resurrections. The Higher Powers also restored Tricky in Madness Combat 3: Avenger, turning him into a zombie.

Deimos and Sanford

A duo allied with Hank, they were first seen in Madness Depredation, delivering Hank a sword to fight Tricky, and since have their own storyline that plays with the regular series in Madness 5.5, 6.5 and 7.5. They appeared in the last two entries of the series on a mission to revive Hank. They are both excellent fighters (as good as Hank). Sanford is distinguishable by his shades and his deadly hook (which he wields as a formidable weapon) and Deimos wears a hat and smokes cigarettes, leading to his death (all cigarette smokers in the series are doomed to die) in Madness Aggregation.

The 1337 Crew

A group of Agent Smith-like men in shades and suits, they serve as elite (the name comes from "1337" the internet slang word for "elite") anti-Hank in their first appearances. Despite being presumably better-trained than normal grunts, they are still slaughtered in large numbers by Hank. In Madness Depredation, Antipathy, and Consternation almost all characters who aren't Hank, Jebus, or Tricky are members of the 1337 Crew; the opening of Depredation, appropriately, nicknames them "the Victims". It seems that 1337 agents who are turned into zombies by Jesus appear to lose no intelligence, unlike most zombies; they can wield and fire guns.

Misc. characters

The bodyguards, employees, and innocent bystanders that are killed by Hank and others throughout the series. Despite being armed with various weapons, they're still no match for the main characters. Some are raised as zombies by Jebus after their death, but they are still easily dispatched.

A.T.P. Engineers

The A.T.P. Engineers are masked, and are usually responsible for repairing machines as it seems. They have yellow blood just like the A.T.P. soldats.

Mag Agent: Torture

Mag Agent: Torture is a giant 1337 agent with two spikes going diagonally through his head. He is often referred to as "Spikey" or "that guy with the spikes through his head." He is the main character in the short Incident 011A.

Mag Agents

Mag Agents are giant members of the AAHW who attack Hank, Sanford, and Jesus throughout the series. One of these giants appears briefly in the short Incident 001A, and is shoved into a giant blender by Hank.

A.T.P Soldats

A.T.P. Soldats are the upgraded version of A.T.P. Engineers, and wear a yellow eyepiece and a 1337 Agents suit. They also have yellow blood.

Important Objects

Improbability Drive

The original Improbability Drive from Madness Avenger.

There are three Improbability Drives: The first is the Portable Drive which Jesus destroyed in Madness Combat 7: Consternation.

The second drive is the Primary Drive which the Auditor accidentally destroyed in Madness Combat 8: Inundation.

The third is the Secret or Secondary drive which is the Sheriff Drive from Madness Combat 3: Avenger and Madness Combat 6: Antipathy, Krinkels said that the Secondary/Secret Drive was "inside the Auditor". So the Sheriff's Drive is actually stored within the Auditor's corporeal form. Tricky's corpse destroys it in Madness Combat 10: Abrogation.

The drive has also notably turned the sun into a grunt, and when he was killed, the world went dark. The Madness World has literally had a darker atmosphere ever since. The idea of the improbability drive was created by Douglas Adams in the book "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".

316 Sword

The 316 sword is one of the two trademark weapons Jebus uses. It is a powerful two-handed longsword with the numbers "100111100" inscribed on its surface. This is a binary code which translates to the number sequence "316". The weapon first appeared in Madness Avenger, but at the time it lacked the number inscription (which it gained in the next episode, Madness Apotheosis).

The sword changed its appearance in Madness Consternation by being significantly slimmed down and shortened in length, but it still bears the binary code..It also appeared in Madness Inundation when Jebus summoned it after his encounter with the auditor, although he never used it.

The number 316 is linked to a Bible verse from the Book of John, which is, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”



Agency Against Hank Wimbleton

  • Grunts
  • Agents
  • A.T.P. Engineers
  • A.T.P Soldats
  • Mag Agents
  • Mag Agent: Torture


  • Higher Powers
  • Hot Dog Vendor
  • Sun

The Animations

To date, there are thirteen animations in the Madness series:

Related works

Other Madness cartoons by Krinkels include:

Marsh-Mellow-Madness: This started it all. A man offers to shoot people out of a cannon and into a giant marshmallow for a small fee. The hilarity ensues from there.

Tricky bangbanggooberblat: This is a Madness oddity. Tricky is beating Jebus over the head with his large penis with the happy tune "Sailor's Hornpipe" playing and "OMG" written in the background, flashing bright colors; this could be a reference to the original Tricky meme. Krinkels is known to have said that he likes to think of all of the Madness people as eunuchs, with the exception of Tricky. Krinkels has had many complaints from people annoyed about Tricky bangbanggooberblat, and is known to have replied to one such person by saying "Mel Gibson did the same thing, but he used whips and chains instead of a clown's phallus. Honestly, I don't know which is more kinky myself."

Tricky Madness 2: This cartoon was a side-project Krinkels worked on after he finished Madness Antipathy. This is, obviously, the sequel to Tricky bangbanggooberblat. And like the first, features Jebus and Tricky. Only now, instead of a clown repeatedly beating Jebus over the head with his phallus, to the happy tune of "Sailor's Hornpipe," the two unleash intense violence.

Madness: Project Nexus: This game here is a great game in the history of Madness made by Krinkels (Artist), The-Swain (Programming), cheshyre (Music), Luis (Design) and Rebel666 (Director). There is a Story mode and an Arena mode. In the Story mode, you can control Hank in the first Mission where your objective is to save Sanford and Deimos that are held in a Prison. You can also control Sanford and Deimos in the next missions as well. There is 2 episodes in the Story, the one with our Heroes and the one with Dr.Christoff AkA "Jebus Christ" where you can control him. The Arena Mode is like a Survival mode where you must find/buy weapons and survive through a lot of different enemies that are harder to beat each time you complete a Wave. You can also hire Allies that will help you in this "experiment"....

Madness Interactive

Madness Interactive: There is also a game conceived by Krinkels and coded by Max Abernethy (aka Flecko) called "Madness Interactive" or "MI" for short. The game allows the player to control Hank as he fights through hoards of enemies until he reaches and slays the sheriff. The introduction states that Hank was after the sheriff because he stole his pie, but this is considered to be non-canon and only applicable to the game.

Music Video: A short, random animation made prior to Music Video 2. Although it does not incorporate Madness characters, it still retains the same monochrome style. May have been the predecessor to Crap, Garbage, Piss, and Vomit, due to it's unrelated randomness and quirky humor.

Music Video 2: The sequel to the original Music Video, It's just a short flash about a monster type creature attempting to escape some 1337 agents that appear to be trying to capture it. It is considered non-canonical to the Madness series..

Crap: The first short by Krinkels. It appears to be nothing more than a joke by Krinkels.

Garbage: The sequel to Crap, it is the second short.

Vomit: The third short in the random animation series by, only this time it is more of a parody the standard Madness cartoons..

iss: The fourth and the last short.

Leisurely Ragtime: A Madness Day short animated by Krinkels, continuing the saga of random animations. It contains considerably less violence than most other Madness animations.

Fan Tributes

As popular as Madness Combat is, it has also spawned a large list of fan tributes and parodies. Most of these did not live up to the original series. Some, however, were well thought out and animated. A few of these are:

  • Maximum Ninja Series 1-3 by Sto0g3
  • Madness Mini Series 1-5 by Shrinkz
  • Madness Elimination Series 1-5 by Splurgle
  • Madness 1337 By Wigger
  • Anti-Clock Day Madness By DeRosa
  • Xionic Madness 1-4 By Xionico
  • Dadness Combat 1-20 by tasers
  • Mr. Nails Series 1-11 by Gabriel Barsch
  • Dawn of the Madness 1-3by Littleluckylink
  • School Madness 1-2 by Kasamui
  • Madness Tribulation 1-3 by Deimaus
  • Rebooting The Madness 1-2 by Alpha-Nuva
  • Madness In The Hell 1-2 by Ratnic8000
  • A Tricky animation by Caduceus
  • Mafia Madness 1-4 by Madnesscrazy123
  • Madness Combat 2008 1-2 by Otaku666
  • Past Madness by Erixs
  • Djjaner and Gujit Shorts 1-4 by Djjaner
  • Madness Combat: Error 7 by Gar0
  • Deimos Adventures 1-3 by Djjaner
  • Ryder Revenge 1-11 by Djjaner
  • REALM: Project 00X 1-2 by Kelzad
  • Incident-Series 1-8 by Krinkels
  • Madness Combat 10 (Alternative) by Djjaner


  • Madness Interactive
  • Madness Regent
  • Madness Hydraulic
  • Madness Accelerant
  • Madness Ambulation
  • Madness Lunacy
  • Madness: Hank´s Nemesis
  • Madness Torturation
  • Madness: Recommencement
  • Madness Deathwish
  • Madness Deathwish 2
  • Madness: Air assault
  • Madness Project Nexus (Classic)
  • MADNESS Project Nexus (Unreleased)

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