"Madness Accelerant"
Author: Tom Fulp



Audio used: {Final Agression}




Blue brass of the beast

Origin: 09/22/2009
Size: 17.1 MB
Score(As of 17 October, 2012): 4.43/5.00
Awards: Awards 5Daily Feature

Awards 1Weekly Users' Choice

Author's comments:
Thirty days to bring this together and it still comes down to the wire on Madness Day. We've poured everything we got into this game so hopefully you enjoy it and it runs ok on your computer! If it runs slow, Q toggles the quality.

This game is a shot-by-shot playable remake of Krinkel's Madness Consternation! We took a few liberties but overall tried to match the progression pretty closely. Enjoy!!!

Also note the fun fan-art gallery, showcasing stuff from the Art Portal!



Sept 23 - Final boss bugs should be fixed! Clear your cache.

Sept 24 - Hank now spends less time on the ground, while enemies spend more and can be shot while on ground. Hopefully this feels a little better!

Sept 29 - Fixed doorway agent bug and added a SWAP button (D) to swap weapons when you already have one. Walking over a weapon you already have will increase your ammo!

Sept 30 - Added option for MOUSE AIMING! We hope this makes lots of people happy.

Oct 1 - Added Madness Mode, which you unlock by beating the game. It's HARDCORE!

Sorry I can't add a pause button. This game is in AS2 and built in a way that simply doesn't allow it. Flash has no native pause support.

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Madness Accelerant was a game made by Tom Fulp, Krinkels, and MindChamber for Madness Day 2009.


The game is a Run n' Gun Shooter based on Madness Consternation. The player fights his way through several stages, fighting Tricky and his minions along the way. Along the way, the player sometimes has to do a certain amount of damage to Tricky or an agent before they can progress, as indicated by a number in the lower right corner of the screen. The game features two control schemes (keyboard and a keyboard/mouse hybrid), two difficulty levels, and a gallery of Madness artwork. Several medals are available for Newgrounds members.

Gameplay Edit

Madness Accelerant can be played using either entirely keyboard controls or by using the keyboard to control movement and the mouse to control weaponry. Either way, Hank, the sole playable character, can perform the same actions. Hank is capable of walking, double jumping, and aiming and shooting a wide variety of firearms. When Hank is unarmed, he can punch and kick opponents on the ground and in the air. Generally, the gameplay is based on accuracy and evasion, rather than exploration or problem solving. The harder "Madness" difficulty level increases the health of enemies and their AI, as they pick up weapons if they don't have one.

Presentation Edit

Madness Accelerant uses the traditional Madness style of artwork. Considering how Krinkels himself contributed to the artwork, this is to be expected. A variety of Drum n' Bass and Techno songs from the Audio Portal are used. The gallery of fan art contains dozens of pieces of artwork based on the Madness series.

Reception Edit

Madness accelerant

Tricky chases Hank throughout the game

Madness Accelerant has been extremely well received, and has a 9.6/10 average review and over 4.7 million views. It is also featured in the Flash Portal History, Action Games, and Madness Day 2009 Collections However, some reviewers criticized how the game was similar to previous Madness games, such as Madness Regent, a weapon switching system which only allows the player to carry one weapon at a time, and fairly tame violence for a Madness game.

In their Christmas 2009 issue, PC Gamer magazine called it "A hyperbolic side-scrolling shooter that lasts about 15 minutes, and never stops bombarding you with lunacy. It could hardly be simpler to play, the the effect is intense. Think Metal Slug games pushed through a cartoon sieve."

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