Madness 10: Abrogation is the tenth entry in the Madness series by Krinkels.

The main protagonist is Hank in his new form , with the main antagonist the Audithor , who now also has the powers of jesus.

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The episode starts with the battle from madness combat 9 , Hank and Sanford are fighting the Audithor while the destructing of the world is stil going on.At the first sight it looks like the auditor is winning until Hank grabs the Audithor's halo and some how recieved lightning based powers in which Hank can easily hurt the Audithor.While being wounded the Audithor flees away building a tower beneath him while he stands on the roof.The audithor flies inside and consumes some agents and so regaining some health while he says : need more.

Back to Hank and Sanford , none of them dares to jump inside so they do paper-rock-scissors and Hank losed so he jumps first and Sanford then too.Hank easily is beating up the agents with his fists while suddenly a agent suprises him by jumping on his back and stabbing him around the face , Hank shakes the agent of and continous the fighting along with  Sanford.When they entered another room there are jail bars which activate by using the switch Sanford goes first in and deals with the agents and then Hank comes , then the Audithor tries to posese one of the dead agents but Sanford destroys the body of the first agent before the Audithor could do it , but then the Audithor succeed in doing it with a second dead agent , the agent tries to jump at Sanford while Sanford uses the switch and so the agent got impaled but stil alive Sanford shoots at the head until he dies.Then Hank and Sanford continue by another the next room and there is a weapon locker.Hank breaks in the locker and takes one of the big guns and they continue on the roof.

After Hank killed all the agents the Audithor looks down and teleports to them and continous the fighting.Hank is once again winning the fight and the Audithor desperatly consumes some more bodies and continues the fighting , but Hank is stil winning so the Audithor consumes as many bodies around him as he can , but the Audithor accidently consumed the body of Tricky the clown and after he got consumed Tricky was talking in the Audithor's head.The Audithor was afraid and was trying to reject Tricky but it looked like Tricky was taking over control and the Audithor suddenly starts to explode so Hank and Sanford jumped of the building.The scene ends just with the credits.

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