LunarHawk69 is a man who once lived in the Newgrounds Chat (R.I.P 2012 - 2014) but now lives in a flophouse. Born and raised in Massachusetts, he has been a furry his whole life. He began his sumo career in 1432 and finally lost 6 pounds by 2014 thanks to 10 minutes on the South Beach Diet. Because Massachusetts is so boring, he likes to sell his bellybutton lint online and eat beef melts as a pass-time. He hasn't really done anything either creative wise or posted anything on the forums.

The last known photo of Travius.

Some people think he is a time traveler, from the past. A Roman pioneer who was on an adventure with his boy sex slave, Travius, and a dog whom he never bothered to name. The dog died and has nothing to do with this story. One day while with Travius he found a glowing pool of water which he entered. On the other side he seen tall buildings and barrels of weed that moved on their own. This scared Lunarhawk69 however his panic was soon silenced as he was excited when he seen all the little boys running freely. So Travius and LunarHawk69 jumped through the portal. However they had no money and did not speak the language of these strange people. Luckily they ran into a Roman Catholic priest who learned Latin while banging rails of coke with the Pope. He took them in and thus became their Pimp so they could earn money and learn English. Travius after saving his money wisely is now free because of the lack of slavery in America and left LunarHawk69. He now has 17% stock share in Doritos™. LunarHawk however wasted his money and to this day is still a male hooker. He misses Travius very much.

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