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The following is an alphabetical list of Newgrounds Moderators as of early 2013, for each of the six different categories.

API Moderators

  • EdyKel
  • Exedor
  • ForNoReason
  • HerbieG
  • Knuckstrike
  • Nijsse
  • PulseLane

Art Moderators

Audio Moderators

Chat Moderators

Forum Moderators

Portal Moderators

Review Moderators

Current Moderators as of 2018

Replacement of Icons/Genre Mods

The following users are still listed as Icon mods: CaptainEyeLovePoozyFBIpoluxJoeKrinkelslife • Luwano • Magical-Zorse • Mr-Shark • NegativeONERage • shunshuu • ThePigeonMaster

While they still have access to adding and editing icons, this ability is no longer required, as flashes now require an icon to be made for it in order to be submitted. As well, Portal mods have now taken over Genre modding duties.

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