"Life in Portal: Madness"
Author: ebolaworld
Audio used:
Origin: 09/22/2009
Size: 5.7 MB
Score(As of 30 September, 2010): 4.43/5.00
Awards: Awards 6.gifDaily Second

Awards 11.gifWeekly Second

Author's comments:
Life in the Portal (Episode 04): Brock makes a Madness Day cartoon killing all the popular NG characters.

Special thanks to all the great NG artist that recorded audio and allowed me to kill their characters. :)

    • Front Page and 2nd Daily/Weekly! Thanks NG!**

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Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Life in the Portal: Madness is a fan video posted on Madness Day 2009 created by Sam T of Ebolaworld (mostly known as the creator of Taco-Man). This flash was about a Madness-inspired killing of popular Newgrounds characters (many of whom were voiced by their original creators in this video as well.) Life in the Portal was the fourth in it's series, the preceeding sections being, in order of release, Life In The Portal, Life In The Portal Clock, and Life In The Portal Pico.


Ry gets bored on the Newgrounds site since he's been on Newgrounds for a while and he isn't into violence. Brock brags about his video for Madness Day:

His character goes to a Newgrounds building to rescue the Prejudice's daughter. He encounters and kills various popular Newgrounds characters which include:

  • The Clock Crew (Strawberry Clock, Banana Clock, F U Clock, Carrot Clock, Orange Clock and CorpseGrinder Clock
  • Prostitute Mickey Mouse
  • Two of Eddsworld Characters (Edd and Tom)
  • Edd Egg
  • Charlie The Unicorn and the other two unicorns
  • Cripple Boy and Chocolate Man
  • Blockhead
  • MarcyVF and TommyVF
  • Egoraptor
  • Happy Harry
  • Taco Man

After Taco Man exploded, the scene goes back to reality when Ry interrupts that he doesn't want to be spoiled and tells Brock to post the flash to Newgrounds immediately. Brock then claims that his Flash had crashed and he lost it, then his computer exploded.

The Scene later goes to Tom Fulp in bed with the Strawberry Clock. It turned out it was just a dream. Strawberry Clock later ordered Tom to suck his penis. The flash ends after Tom Fulp said "Mmmmm, tastes like strawberries."

Merriam-Webster: wasn't definition: was not. »[1][2][3][4]


Life in Portal: Madness starts with a similar style to the other entries in the series. However, Brock's animation is shown in a traditional greyscale Madness style. The various popular Newgrounds characters are all also drawn in their native styles, and are voiced by their original creators.


Life in Portal Madness.jpg
Blockhead is one of several Newgrounds icons who die over the course of the movie.
Life in Portal: Madness won third place for Madness Day 2009. It also won the Daily Second Place and Weekly Second Place Awards, a notable accomplishment for a submission on such a busy week. As of September 2010, the movie has over 600,000 views, an average score of 4.43/5, and average review of 9.7/10, making it Sam T's best rated movie. Furthermore, Life in Portal: Madness is in the Madness Day and Flash Portal History collections. It was also featured on the front page.


  • Before the release, Sam T asked the original creators if they can voice their creations in Sam T's flash.
  • Edd from Eddsworld and Chocolate Man from Nameless weren't seen dead, they apparently escaped death.
  • Strawberry Clock is the only Popular Newgrounds character who had a big role.
  • Unlike other of the Popular Newgrounds characters in this flash, Marcy and Tommy VF aren't featured much as themselves in their own flashes.
  • Blockhead can still talk with his head being shot apart.
  • Egoraptor has the shortest role in this episode.
  • Happy Harry appears as himself in this flash.
  • The Clock crew seem to have blood instead of their fruit and vegetable juices which really fruit and veg have (However F U clock and the Corpse Grinder Clock have blood.)
  • Taco-Man is the only guy who didn't have blood shown when he died.
  • Charlie doesn't move his body parts just like his 2 unicorn companions.
  • During the Credits, Sam T wrote in "Sorry Tom" presumably because it featured Tom Fulp being gay with Strawberry Clock. It also said "This is the last one :(" Probably because this is the last episode of the Life in the Portal. He also added in an additional message as the credits music ended saying "However, Feel Free to make your own :)" - maybe because he gave permission for everyone to make their own Life in the Portal series.
  • Strawberryclock dies in this flash- it is said that you cannot kill Strawberry Clock and indeed, it was just a dream so Strawberry Clock lived.
  • This flash was originally rated for teens, but was later re-rated for Mature audiences. Probably because of lots of blood and swearing.

The Flash

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