Larry, as shown in the opening scene of his first movie.

Note: This article is about the character by JAZZA. For the series of movies and games, see Larry (series).

Larry is a character created by JAZZA. He appears in his namesake series of movies and games.

Description Edit

Larry is a nineteen year old midget who lives in the fictional kingdom of Karryon with his family. His father is dead, and he despises his other family members; these include his chirpy mother, Peggy; his obese stepfather, Clive; emo younger stepbrother, Poenix, and his baby stepsister, Ga, who's about the same size as he is. As a result of this unstable relationship and his insecurity surrounding his height, he is a bitter and sadistic person, who is used to being tormented by others. His only companions are his father's severed head, whom he often has conversations with, and his dog, Pup.

The Overlord, who wishes to overthrow the kingdom, tricked the gullible King of Karryon into picking Larry as the Chosen One because he appeared to be the weakest man in the land. However, his hostile nature, combined with the training of Kikket the Wizard, makes Larry a formidable foe in combat. Even before becoming the Chosen One, he possessed great martial skills, as was shown when he maimed a royal messenger while recovering from wounds. In his recent appearances, he is shown fighting off large numbers of gnomes, reacting quickly to situations, and taking heavy punishment before being defeated. He is also proficient at using a wide variety of weapons, including swords, slings, and the decapitated heads of his fallen enemies.

Reception Edit

Larry's debut on Newgrounds, Larry episode 1, won the Daily Feature, Weekly Users Choice, and Review Crew Pick awards, and would be featured in the Flash Portal History for 2009. His first major game, Larry And The Gnomes, was featured in the 2010 collection. Every submission including Larry by JAZZA has won an award. Larry's Theme song, made by DavidOrr, has an average review of 9.7/10.

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