It's like Newgrounds, except it's owned by a multi-billion dollar corporation, has no movies, and a card game.

Kongregate is a website that hosts Flash games, similar to Newgrounds. It was launched October 10, 2006, and is owned by GameStop, a corporation that dominates the video game retail business and owns Game Informer, the world's most popular video game magazine.

Comparison to Newgrounds

Like Newgrounds, Kongregate has a fairly open uploading system, where authors can add their games to the website with relatively few restrictions. Also like Newgrounds, there is a period of judgement during which a game may be deleted. Unlike Newgrounds though, Kongregate does not permit any Flash movies.

The greatest difference between Newgrounds and Kongregate is arguably the owners. Unlike Newgrounds, Kongregate is owned by a major corporation, and several of the site's features reflect that. For example, Kongregate's PowerUp Rewards encourages users to frequent Kongregate and use GameStop to purchase games. [1] Likewise, pages on Kongregate link to other websites owned by GameStop.


Although the two sites can be seen as rivals, Kongregate and Newgrounds share many similar games, including some that are Newgrounds themed. For example, an early version of Newgrounds Rumble, with only ten characters, has been played over a million times on Kongregate, despite being partially the work of Newgrounds staff.[2] Likewise, Castle Crashing "The Beard" is a very popular game on Kongregate, despite starring Tom Fulp.[3] Although there are few games that refer directly to Kongregate on Newgrounds, many connections to the site can be found. For example, Epic Battle Fantasy 3 has a link to a walkthrough on Kongregate included in the game's menu.[4]


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