Real Name: Robert Benfer
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Aura: Filmmaker
Level: Level 22
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Pancake Mines


-Blue Hands-

Knox is the user name of Robert Benfer from Schertz,Texas. He is best known for his claymation movies, especially his Klay World series. Since signing up in 2003, he has submitted over 100 movies. These movies have been big hits on Newgrounds. As of July 2010, he has had 101 awards, including 26 Daily Features, four Review Crew Picks, and two Weekly Users' Choice Awards. This makes him one of the most decorated users on Newgrounds.

Knox also has about a dozen audio submissions, mostly Techno and Trance, which are well rated.

Popularity[edit | edit source]

Between 2003-2005, Knox's signature clay figures, also known as klaymen, garnered him a lot of attention from the Newgrounds community. In 2004, he was able to release a DVD compilation of his klaymations up to that point called Knox in a Box. Robert said he was able to make $5,000 off the DVD in the year that he sold it on his website.

Beginning in January 2005, Robert began work on a feature-length movie based on his klaymen. On October 25, 2005, he released Klay World: Off The Table on his website,, and made $30,000 off the DVD alone in the first two months.

Inactivity[edit | edit source]

However, Knox became significantly less active starting in 2005. His final award-winning submission was "Pancake Mines", which was uploaded on June 15, 2007. His final submission to Newgrounds, "Big Bad Uncle", was uploaded on November 10, 2009. He then continued to post his Klay World series exclusively to Youtube until the show's end in 2013.

In ["The History of Klay World Part 1"], a bonus feature on the Klay World Series Vol. 1 DVD, Robert describes why he left Newgrounds. He mentioned the 10 MB limit on Newgrounds (which meant he would have to sacrifice the quality of his klaymations), the fact that his movies got more views on Youtube, the ability to post more than just Flash videos onto Youtube, and the formation of the YouTube Partnership program, which allowed him to make revenue off of his klaymation and live-action videos on YT.


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