I'm Kid.
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Kid is a Newgrounds Forum Moderator. He signed up in 2000, but only began posting on the BBS in 2008. Since then, he has become a forum moderator, despite posting significantly less often than many BBS users.

Identity[edit | edit source]

Kid's identity has been a topic of debate amongst Newgrounders at least since 2008, when he began posting on the BBS. One early rumor was that he was an alt account for altr.[1] It has also been hypothesized that somebody stole the Kid account.[2] Several users have also suggested that he might be an alt for a staff member. Kid once claimed to be Tom Fulp, albeit in a humorous manner.[3]

There have been a few hints about Kid's past and personality. For one thing, he seems to understand the inner workings of the Flash Portal fairly well, despite his apparent lack of activity.[4][5][6] Kid also seems to enjoy criticizing people who communicate, reason, or behave poorly on the BBS.[7][8] He is also critical of the modern standards of the Flash Portal, claiming that too many low quality submissions are protected.[9] Kid has also discussed 4 Dimensional Space on several ocassions.[10] He also appears to have liberal views of abortion.[11][12]

Kid Photoshops[edit | edit source]

25035 A.gif

His BBS posts are often about his photoshopped pictures of the character Kyousuke Kawachi from the anime Yakitate!! Japan, whose name was translated to "Kid" in a subbed version.

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