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Birthdate: June 7th, 1996
Profile: Jolly
Alts: JoIIySpace
Aura: Reader
Level: Level 47
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Whistle: DeityWhistle.png
Blam/Protect Rank: Sup. Commander.png
Sup. Commander
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Jolly is a Portal Moderator on Newgrounds. He is very interested in the workings of Newgrounds and has created hundreds of icons for submissions. He is a self-confessed Stat whore and an author with a string of collaborations to his name.


Jolly had 45+ submissions to his name, mostly collaborations; when he decided to join the Elite Guard Barrack in December 2010, he deleted the majority of his flash submissions. The remainder consist of a mix of different movies, some of which are related to B or are otherwise connected with Clock Day and the Clock Crew. He has two daily awards.

Statistics Enthusiast[]

Jolly has published a list of his stat aims on a News Post. He has also published a list of his games completed etc and he often talks about statistics in his BBS posts. Jolly is an avid games player with over 40K medals.