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"Interactive Buddy"
Author: shock-value
Audio used: Matrix On Acid
Origin: 02/08/2005
Size: 1.4MB
Score(As of September 2011): 4.35/5.00
Genre: Simulation
Awards: Awards 5.gif Daily Feature
Author's comments:
iPhone/iPod version available now! Check the App Store!

UPDATE 2/13/05: Version 1.01 should be released as soon as NG allows it to be (I already submitted it, but it apparently must be reviewed first by NG staff). Check What's New under Help to see the new additions. UNTIL THEN... play IB v.1.01 on my deviantART page, right here...

UPDATE 2/11/05: Here's a place to discuss this game with me and others: (Links to a message board registration screen; after registering, go to board "Interactive Buddy".)

UPDATE 2/10/05: The response has been overwhelming! I'd like to address one bug that seems to be popping up... people have been reporting that sometimes the game will lock up and, upon restarting, their file gets corrupted. At this point all I can tell you is to either start a new file within the game if you can get into it, or find another Flash file, right click, select settings, navigate to the second tab, and clear your Shared Objects cache. Also, you can indeed get the buddy to be happy, like you see in the icon... just keep exploring to find out how. I'm planning on adding more ways to make him happy in future updates.

UPDATE 2/9/05: Wow, I am speechless. I am thrilled that this made first page, and the current score of it is amazing. I honestly never expected it to do so well. Well, I am extremely glad you guys like it, and once again I plan on making updates! Also, feel free to send comments to, so far I've replied to every e-mail.

Use various weapons to beat up on the buddy, in order to get money to buy more weapons!

Updates will come if you guys want them. Just leave reviews with suggestions for items, skins, etc.

Note that the graphics (such as the background) were left simple so that the framerate would be as high as possible. Around 36 fps is optimal, but some browsers have trouble displaying Flash movies at that rate (such as Firefox, which I use, unfortunately).

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Interactive Buddy is a flash game created by shock-value. It was uploaded on February 8, 2005, and was the only game shock-value ever released on Newgrounds, until he released a sequel called Interactive Buddy 2 on December 17, 2012. The game plays similarly to a pet simulation, with a character that the player can interact with using various objects. However, unlike many pet simulations, this game places major emphasis upon violent interactions, such as dropping bowling bowls, whipping the character with a flail, or bombarding it with missiles. Players are rewarded currency for interacting in both violent and passive ways, which can be used for purchasing more items and skins for the character.

Style and Content[]

Interactive Buddy.jpg

The game is relatively simple, taking place in a monochrome room. The character design is also quite simple, and consists of several balls that have a basic human shape. This was done intentionally to help the game run at 36 frames per second. However, eleven additional skins can be purchased, which give the character a new appearance and dialogue. The game has a total of twenty-five different items, most of which are initially locked.


This game has had great success on Newgrounds, and has over 8.2 million views. The current score is 4.35/5 and the average review is 9.4/10. The game won the daily feature, and has been included in the 2005 Flash Portal History. It is also one of the four gadget games listed on the Flash Games page along with the notable Windows Doors