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Infectonator! World Dominator-20100814-131729.jpg
Author: toge-games
Audio used: N/A
Origin: 02/09/2010
Size: 1.9 MB


(As of Dec 4, 2012):

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Daily 2nd Place

Infectonator! World Dominator was introduced as a sequel to the 60 second version of Infectonator!.  This highly anticipated sequel was widely anticipated, due to the popularity of the first version.  It has since received over 3 million views on Newgrounds.



The purpose of Infectonator! World Domination is the same as every other Infectonator! game in the series - turn everyone into zombies and kill everyone else.  Your goal is to infect the world.  In the beginning stages of the game, you only have 1 click to spread the zombie disease, via the zombie canister, to innocent humans.  The canister initially spreads the disease in 4 directions.  Toward the later stages in the game, you have the opportunity to upgrade your zombies.


Zombies can be upgraded within the game.  Each lifespan upgrade increases lifespan by .5%.  Each speed upgrade upgrade increases speed by 3.  Each damage resistance upgrade increases health by 100.  Each attack upgrade increases attack by 50.  Each infection chance upgrade increases infection chance by 2%.  

There are also special zombies which can be unlocked, if certain preconditions are met.  Some of these zombies include zombie Michael Jackson, Col. Sanders, and Santa.