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Real Name: Tom Brien
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Aura: Game Developer
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I-smel, real name Tom Brien, is an award-winning Flash artist from Manchester, England. He carries 10 awards, including three daily features. He also appears in the Art Portal, with six submissions to his name.


I-smel tends to make games, but doesn't seem to have any preference in genre. His games are often silly and ridiculous. This is shown in Robot Dinosaurs, which parodies horizontal shooters, and Duck Sim 2008, which parodied art games. Robot Dinosaurs ended up nominated for a Tank Award. Recently, his submissions have been receiving awards more frequently than before, such as Breakthrou or the Legend of Johnny.

I-smel has submitted two movies to the Portal, with his latest, Tentacle Monster Tribute Tribute, receiving a daily award, as with his other flashes.


I-smel has submitted six submissions to the art portal, most of which are drawn either for fun or for a contest. He was scouted by Redfeather, who although has only four submissions, has scouted many other people, including well-known musician WaterFlame.


I-smel is fairly frequently on the BBS, most often in the Flash forum, discussing programming tricks with other users. He occasionally appears in the art and NG News forum as well. He often shares images he's made with others on the Art forum, and comments on current affairs at Newgrounds.

He has over 1,300 BBS posts.


Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar

Duck Sim 2008

The Legend Of Johnny


Tentacle Monster Tribute Tribute

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