The user who had his account taken by Dobio had to use this account instead.

Account Hacking

Due to Newgrounds' known password protection issues, many accounts have been taken by either brute force attacks on the database or simply tricking people into giving information. Information can be gained by phishing, such as creating a website that would attract people who are interested in Newgrounds and using it to get passwords, in the hope that the user users the same password on Newgrounds. Another known method is to create a bogus account, such as a bogus Newgrounds Bot or an account that looks like that of an admin then using it to ask for info such as passwords.


One infamous incident of this was when Bedn logged a moderator's password on his site and used it to cause trouble on Newgrounds. Bedn is known to have hacked the StrawberryClock account.


Another less dramatic case was in this thread, when Dobio convinced another user multiple times to give his password away through manipulation. This was not malicious, it was purely for comedic effect, but it is a good example of how easily these things can happen to people who aren't wary.

The Duck Division

The Duck Division created the most notorious hack on Newgrounds when they created a bogus account which looked just like that of an admin. They used info to hack a Moderator and caused havoc on the Art Portal, deleting submissions etc. In the end the Duck Division were completely removed from Newgrounds by the admin.

Fixing the Problem

The admin of Newgrounds can usually get to the bottom of hacking if they are informed, though it may take time and work to prove who is who and what is what and damage may be done that cannot be undone. It is better not to get hacked in the first place:

Secure Yourself

There are simple ways to reduce the risk of getting hacked:

  • Don't give your passwords out to someone you don't know- as Dobio proved, some people would do that. People don't need your password to help you or do things with you/for you.
  • Beware of people making unusual requests and asking for password information.
  • Do NOT use short, simple passwords- and never use passwords that relate to obvious information about you. If you are making a password specially for Newgrounds, don't use anything too close to the word Newgrounds- its an obvious thing for a hacker to try.
  • Do NOT use the same password for everything, ESPECIALLY don't use the same password for the e-mail account that relates to your other passwords- otherwise, if they phish/hack that password, they can ask all your websites to send a new password to the e-mail account and pick them all up there.
  • Do not wind people up. Just because someone is annoying you, you don't have to argue with them and tempt them into trying to get you back for it.
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