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All colors seem to fade away.
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Birthdate: February 12, 1990
Profile: GoryBlizzard
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Aura: Blank Slate
Level: Level 58
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Whistle: SilverWhistle.png
Blam/Protect Rank: Police Sergeant.png
Police Sergeant
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GoryBlizzard is a former Chat Moderator on Newgrounds.

Habitat and Behavior[]

The GoryBlizzard is known to occupy small dark spaces with poor air flow. The GoryBlizzard is rarely spotted outside of New York City. In this regards the GoryBlizzard is very territorial over New York City and will become very aggressive when others from outside the area attempt to enter. The GoryBlizzard when threatened will push his head into the ground with his anus in the air and spray the intruder with fecal matter. It has been reported that the GoryBlizzard can spray intruders over 15 feet away.

Mating and Reproduction[]

When the GoryBlizzard has found a mate he is interested in he will attempt to drop his fecal matter on her chest. If she does not call the authorities he will take this as a sign that she is interested. So far as rare as mating has been, the GoryBlizzard neither in captivity or the wild has been recorded to reproduce. Biologists guess that the GoryBlizzard will lay eggs when in the process of reproducing.


The GoryBlizzard, intimidated by contact with others, wears sunglasses as to avoid eye contact. Some biologists believe that it is a defense mechanism to make predators believe that he is Neo from the Matrix and that he knows kung-fu. Also he speaks in a constant monotone voice showing no personality and to this still has biologists confused on to why the fuck he keeps talking like that.

Endangered Species[]

Despite being numbered to only one specimen the GoryBlizzard's numbers do not concern biologists as they couldn't really care that much.