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The Glock Group was a troll and spam animation group, founded July 6th, 2005. Its four leaders were Pineapple Glock, Raspberry Glock, Golden Glock, and Mushroom Glock, all former Clock Crew and Lock Legion members.

History Edit

The first Glock submission was "GG - Angry", which featured and was made by Raspberry Glock and Mushroom Glock. The day "GG - Angry" passed, July 18th, is now considered by the Glocks to be "Glock Day", when many Glock Group members celebrate the beginning of the group by submitting movies to the Newgrounds portal.

Flash Submissions Edit


SaltyJello version of the Glock Group logo from Space Gost.

Other significant flashes by the Glock Group include the GG Time Trials, the "ATTN" flashes, and "GG - Friends", which was the first movie to get an award for the Glock Group.

Group Account Edit

Many of the Group's submissions were through the TheGlockGroup account, which, as of August 2010, has 66 submissions. There once were more but Mushroom Glock took over the account and deleted most of the co-authors. Due to revival efforts, the separate account The-Glock-Group exists.

Awards Edit

The Glock Group have a few Awards on Newgrounds, including an Underdog and a Daily Third.

Glock Group Style Edit

The Glock Group follows the general style of character and animation taken from the Clock Crew, with characters made from the icons of its members - fruit or other random objects, which have hands but no arms, usually talk with computer generated voices and have, in the case of the Glock Group, a drawing of a Glock pistol as a face.

Glock Lore Edit

The Glock characters are said to live in Glockopolis (or Glockville), where Raspberry Glock has a tiny house.

Recognition by Newgrounds Edit

The Glock Group is recognised by Newgrounds by having its own Collection.

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