G-Bot is one of the six Newgrounds Bots that help Newgrounds with different assignments. Although they are simply bot programmes on the computer, each is given a persona, including a picture and a user page on Newgrounds, which lists their functions and may have messages from the bot. Each is characterized by having a different aura.
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G-BOT's Functions Edit

As per his Userpage:


According to FAQ, G-bot "Creates, ranks and files user accounts"

Persona and style Edit

G-bot was created to manage the Grounds Gold in 1999. He writes in an academically educated style. Because of this, he is often ridiculed as a "nerd" on his userpage, and he once even wrote a response to such insults, claiming to be hurt by them.


He is a discreet bot, little seen or known on Newgrounds.

Links Edit

G-Bot's Userpage

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