A picture of the front page of newgrounds.

The home page of Newgrounds- the page that takes you to - is usually refered to as the Front Page by users. Having one's work featured on the home page is compared to being put on the front page of a newspaper- being "Front Paged" and is an essential concept in Newgrounds culture. As Home page, it acts as a hub for all the other pages and clicking on the header of any page will bring you to Front Page. The page is used as the main communication and promotion center of the entire website; it contains content that the admins like, including selected audio, flash , and art submissions. It also contains important news posts from the admins, and top user-rated submissions that are posted by P-Bot on a daily basis.

This page also contains links to Newgrounds' Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube pages, as well as an additional link to the area that houses all games with medals on the site. It also contains a listing of the most recently uploaded flashes that have been put on the portal.

Being Front Paged

Administrators, usually Tom Fulp, but sometimes Wade Fulp, choose submissions to feature on the Front Page using a number of different criteria. They may choose what they personally like; what they believe attracts traffic to the site or what they think people are looking for. Although their choice does not always mean that they are particularly impressed by the work, being Front Paged is usually treated as something exciting and prestigious- typcially authors etc. will thank Tom for Front Paging them in notes etc. Since most traffic comes to Newgrounds via this page, it may mean a lot more exposure for the material. As well as containing featured web content that is selected by the site administrators as well, the front page also features the news posts of popular, or regularly viewed flash, audio, or art contributors.


Newgrounds' Front Page

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