Ironically, Foamy's design does not include a mouth, despite his frequent rants.

Foamy the grey squirrel is one of the two protagonists of the Neurotically Yours series by illwillpress. His owner, Germaine, is the other main character. Ever since his appearance in Foamy's Rant, Foamy has become one of the best known characters on Newgrounds.

Personality Edit

Foamy is a very cynical and bitter individual. He regularly rants about the fallacies of everyday matters, and treats his acquaintances, including his owner, Germaine, poorly. His interactions with Germaine, for example, usually revolve around him criticizing her lifestyle choices and using her to help with his chores such as buying cream cheese and entertaining his friends. However, Foamy seems to genuinely care about people, as many of his rants focus upon the lack of courtesy and kindness between people. For example, in Foamy: Hurricane Special, Foamy laments at peoples' responses to Hurricane Katrina's wreckage of New Orleans, and insists that people should try to help those in need.

Reception Edit

Foamy has become one of Newgrounds's mascot characters, and is included as a member of The Gang in the Flash Portal. In addition to his prominent placement in the Neurotically Yours collection, Foamy also has two collections for his various Rants and Fanmail reactions. However, he is something of a controversial character, and has been criticized for lack of evolution over the years.[1]

The Neurotically Yours Collection

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