Flash Portal History

Flash Portal History is sorted year by year. Each year has about fifty links to historic Flash.

Flash Portal History is a section of Newgrounds and Collection with Tom Fulp's ideas of what the most notable submissions for the year were. The text is all written by Tom Fulp, telling the history of the Portal from his perspective. It begins in 1999 with an explanation of what the Portal originally was and takes the user month by month with text and Collection examples through each year, ending in a link to the next year. There is a separate Collection within this group for every year.

Flash Portal History as a record Edit

Tom writes the History month by month including anything from world events to notes about people, using the Collection as examples of what he considers to be the key events shaping Newgrounds at that time. The record starts with the opening page commenting on the Portal overall; summing up each year with a single sentance and icon and showing his special collection of subs about submission.

Flash Portal History as a Collection Edit

Although written and functioning as a historical record of the Portal from Tom's perspective, the submissions in it are part of a Collection, which operates like all the others, listed on the left of the submission page. Thus users can make recommendations to Flash Portal History and Tom will bear these in mind.

Significance of FPH CollectionEdit

The FPH is considered as a very notable place for a submission to be. Furthermore, each year in Flash Portal History shares an icon with a Flash movie or game that represents that year.

Icons by year before RedesignEdit

Icons by year after RedesignEdit

Flash Portal History

After the redesign.

Links Edit

Flash Portal History

Tom Fulp announces creation of Flash Portal History

"Completion" of Flash Portal History

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