A scene from episode 6

Final Fantasy Sonic X is a flash game series created by the Newgrounds user BlackDevilX, which had six episodes from 2004-2008. The series has been on hiatus since and, with the creator's recent return in May of 2016, fans eagerly await his verdict on the series' continuation. The series is similar in structure to another series known as Sonic RPG.

Premise Edit

The series bases itself around a plot that involves a mash-up of characters and elements from the Sonic the Hedgehog, Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, and Final Fantasy universes. The series has been praised for its slick visuals, fun Final Fantasy-style turn-based battles, sense of humor, and voice acting for episode 6. Starting at episode 5, each new episode has it's own opening. It currently has 6 episodes, which have steadily become more game-like, as BlackDevilX's knowledge of action script increased.

Each episode has a standard level of interactivity, with the first episodes each containing at least one RPG-styled battle, which required strategic usage of the battle options in order to overcome. As it was an episodic series, it couldn't keep experience between episodes, and, as such, characters level up in scripted fashion, so that the next episode picks up with the characters at the appropriate level.

Some of the older episodes also had draggable sprites on the loading screen.

It should also be noted that the series has uncharacteristically vulger language in earlier episodes. These obscenities are completely abscent from the latest episode, which also is the first to employ voice acting.

Reception Edit

Every entry in the series has had at least one award, usually a minor daily award. Episode 5, however, won the Daily Feature and Weekly Fourth awards, while episode and 6 had a Review Crew Pick. In total, the series has had nine awards. The series appears to be quite famous on YouTube as well. It was famous for being one of Newgrounds' most popular interactive flash series along with Chrono Trigger Unglued. Along with Sonic: Nazo Unleashed and Sonic Shorts, it is one of the most highly received Sonic series on Newgrounds. To date, it is unknown if the series will continue, as the creator has made a recent return, but hasn't responded to any questions regarding an episode 7.

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