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Fenixshifter is a content creator that creates animations for Newgrounds. He Said that he is very inspired by DasBoSchitt, Alan Becker, Tom Fulp, and Kitty0706. He's join date was August 11, 2020. He is most well known for Muscle man gets space jammed


Fenixshifter joined Newgrounds after there was a fire in his area, and he had to evacuate to a family members house. He had heard of Newgrounds, but never had the thought of joining it until he decided to upload a MS paint drawing while he was bored in the family members living room. He later found out about a user by the name of MichaelIsVeryVintage and was inspired to make Gmod machinimas and upload them to the website. He then a year later decided to switch from Gmod machinimas, to 2d animation. He has now been animating since April 11th, 2021.