Fancy pants man

Fancy Pants Man

Fancy Pants Man
is the main character in the Fancy pants games.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Fancy Pants Man appears as a simple stickman with (unlike many stickmen) fingers, orange pants (can change color in World 2), and wild, white hair. He is very fast and appears to have a love for ice cream (World 2 and Newgrounds Rumble.) Nothing else has been revealed.


World 1: In his first adventure, Fancy Pants Man sets out on a quest through dangerous areas to defeat Angry Penguin. While traveling, he collects trophies of the authors and other people who helped make the game.

World 2: Fancy Pants Man takes a break from his adventures and decides to play a quite game of snail-golf. When he slams the snail right into the hole, the Mayor gives him a ice cream cone for his great skills. But then, a giant rabbit comes out of the hole in anger because Fancy Pants Man hit him with the snail. When he sees the ice cream cone, he cheers up and steals the ice cream. Fancy Pants sets out on an adventure in the rabbit hole to fight the rabbit and get his ice cream cone back. As in the last game, he collects trophies, but can also kick a snail into a hole with a flag and then get the pants on the flag-pole.

Newgrounds Rumble: Fancy Pants believes it is free ice-cream day and goes around Newgrounds to find the free ice-cream, fighting the rest of the characters along the way. In the end, he finds out that free ice-cream day is fake, and returns to the Portal to go back to his world, never coming back.

World 3: Nothing much is revealed about him in this game, except the fact that there is going to be a girl Fancy Pants.


Fancy Pants and Cutie Pants.


  • Several dress-up games about him have also been made.



Fancy Pants Man fighting Angry Penguin.

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