Faggot Federation
WadeBlam PNG
Name Faggot Federation
Founder Unknown
Date founded Early 2008
Current status Removed from Newgrounds
Current leader No leader on Newgrounds
Official day (if any) N/A
Allies CittenCatapults
Enemies Duck Division
Website N/A

The Faggot Federation were a Flash Crew that submitted to Newgrounds from at least March 2008 until at least May 2009. They submitted hundreds of movies, most of which were generally considered spam. Despite the large number of movies that they made, perhaps the most Notable thing about the group is that they were almost totally removed from Newgrounds on the 29th of June 2009.

The Movies Edit

Only one movie with the FF in the title remains on Newgrounds. A quick survey of the Obituaries on the day of their removal shows that they are generally very low scoring and comments in the reviews suggest that various people deliberately reviewed with carefully detailed reviews and zeros to try and stop them from getting Underdog or Review Crew Pick. The titles suggest a huge range of subjects, including references to the death of Michael Jackson and a few movies dedicated to other Flash Crews.


Various references in the Obituaries suggest that they got at least some Turd of the Weeks.

The Death of Faggot Federation Edit

Obit FF 2009

The Death of Faggot Federation

The administration, presumably Wade Fulp, removed almost all the accounts of Faggot Federation members on the 29th of June 2009. The obituaries of that day show around 200 movie titles beginning with the FF in straight brackets - almost three pages of them. In each case the movie shows that the author has been deleted. Before their death when they were at war with the Duck Division Hacking Several Users In The Process they deleted some of the DD's admins therefore perhaps assisting Wade in wiping out the entire Duck Division at the same time.

Sole surviving FF movie

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