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Profile: FBIpolux
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Aura: Gamer
Level: Level 52
Gamer AuraLevel 52
Whistle: DeityWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Sgt. Major
Sgt. Major
Flash: GX-The Magic Pumpkin
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FBIpolux (Loki) is an old time BBS Regular from Montreal, Canada, who has been a member of Newgrounds since 2003. He has about 20 audio submissions, which usually have great ratings. He is also the subject of a piece of art that was on the front page.[1]. He is currently a Chat Moderator. He briefly changed his Newgrounds username on 11/03/12 to Gambit. His username is currently Loki.

Audio Edit

He has about 19+ songs, and has been featured in other people's songs as well.

Meets Edit

FBIpolux has been to a few Newgrounds Meets, including Montreal 2006 to 2011, Toronto 2010 Baltimore / Philadelphia 2010 and Pico Day 2011-2013.

Writing Edit

FBIpolux is a writer. He talks of his plans for books and posts stories on Newgrounds.

Personal Edit

According to his News, FBIpolux's favorite book is Akira and he hates many things. His first language is french.

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