I'm a motherfucker.
Real Name: Moses
Birthdate: November 30, 1977
Profile: EyeLovePoozy
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Aura: Blank Slate
Level: Level 26
Mod AuraLevel 26
Whistle: DeityWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Pvt. First Class
Pvt. First Class
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EyeLovePoozy, better known simply as Poozy, is a Art, Forum, and Review Moderator. He is a well-known character in the Newgrounds community, and has attended meets with Luis. Has has not been very active since late 2012.

Moderator Edit

He is a notorious forum moderator who is so well known for his borderline abusive behavior that he is often compared to, and accused of being an alt of, bigbadron. Aside from his prowess as a mod, he is known for starting the now forgotten sig memes "I f**k your mother" and "I hope you get hit by the ___ truck."

He lost his Forum Moderator privileges briefly in November 2010[1] , but as of 29th November 2010, he is back to locking threads and banning users.



Poozy, Luis and KaynSlamdyke

Poozy has been to a number of Meets, including London IV. He is shown in pictures and video from these events

News/Personal Edit

Poozy is also known for being a crane driver, and has started a thread for people to ask questions about his job, which has led to Newgrounds users asking questions ranging from the fear of falling to in-cabin masturbation. He also once had a webcam in his crane's cabin, but he has since taken the camera down.

Poozy has a wife and son which baffles experts that something like this could procreate.

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