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Evil-Dog is an author and user from Quebec, Canada. He is the author and programmer of many of the more popular games on Newgrounds, including the Punk-o-matic series.

Flash Submissions Edit

Evil-Dog submitted his first movies in 2003, but the first of the games he is known for, Punk-o-matic, was submitted January 2004. Punk-o-matic allowed players to create and share songs, and quickly became one of the best received Rhythm games in Newgrounds history. For the next few years, Evil-Dog fell a bit under the radar, although he continued submitting award winning movies through 2009, including the the Freak and Sketched series. However, in 2010, Evil-Dog made a comeback with three games in the Flash Portal History. The first, Punk-o-matic 2, was submitted in January 2010, about 6 years after the original. It was a far more complicated project than the original, requiring artwork, music, and voice acting from several other users, and at 31.3 MB, was probably the largest music game in Newgrounds history. Less than two months later, Evil-Dog submitted Hippolyta, an Action game, along with some of the same talent that helped him make Punk-o-matic 2. In October, he submitted Road of the Dead, a car combat game and the biggest hit of Halloween 2010. Once again, some of the people who worked on the prior project helped.

In total, Evil-Dog has won 26 awards for 24 submissions, including four Weekly Users' Choice Awards, eight Daily Features, and two Review Crew Picks

Community Member Edit

Evil-Dog is in some ways integrated into the Newgrounds community and in some ways is separated. On one hand, about half of his projects are collaborative efforts, especially since 2008. He also has hundreds of Flash and Audio reviews. On the other hand, after being a member of Newgrounds for over eight years, Evil-Dog has some less than impressive stats. His level of 15 could easily be earned within a year of voting, and he has only rarely posted on the BBS since 2004. This suggests that although Evil-Dog is a regular part of the Newgrounds community, he prefers in depth relationships with fellow creators to casually browsing and chatting.

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