Fruity loops (Duh), Skiing, Snapple!
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Aura: Blank Slate
Level: Level 9
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EnV is a well-known Newgrounds musician and Audio Moderator. One of his songs was featured on the Synthetica EP which was put together by a group of NG Audio Portal artists. He is one of the most renowned artists on Newgrounds.

Specializing in synthetic audio such as techno, EDM and progressive house, many of his songs have been used in popular video games such as The Impossible Game where his song, Heaven Rd. 2 was used. He also made an album called 'Electronic Super Joy' for a game of the same name, combining some of his old song with new ones. EnV has made his first EP, and is currently in the stage of releasing it (as of March 2014). Originally proposed to have 4-5 songs, his EP will now contain 6 due to a delay in the process of creating it. The EP is estimated to cost around $5.

EnV has a total of 136 audio submissions on the Newgrounds audio portal and 4,421 fans.

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