"Enough Plumbers"
Author: Radix
Audio used: MrPodunkian
Origin: 05/02/2010
Size: 3.1 MB
Score(As of 03 May 2011): 4.43/5.00
Awards: Awards 5.gif Daily First
Author's comments:
A puzzle platformer about clones cloning clones that's totally not a reference to anything.

Move and jump with the arrows, and remember you can reset with space or go back to the level select screen with the arrow in the top-right.

Have fun!

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Enough Plumbers is a puzzle-platformer flash game made by Radix. It's obviously a parody of the Mario games, though it doesn't actually credit Mario etc in the game. It features a plumber with a high-pitched voice who jumps etc. just like Mario only with blue overalls and clones created by coins.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Enough Plumbers is a combination of both puzzle games and platformer games. Through 25 levels, the player must get to the flag with any clone, created by touching a coin, without letting all of them die. They will die if they fall to the bottom of the screen, go too high or touching an enemy or a fireball. The different coloured blocks are removed by pressing the appropriate switch, but the blue switch must be pressed by 10 clones or a metal clone. There are 4 different power-ups that give the clones special powers:

Grey nail: The plumber that touches this will become metallic and heavy, being able to touch enemies without dying, but not fireballs. Its weight means it can also press the blue switch alone, and jumping will cause it to crash through the floor of grey bricks, but his jumps are very low and he falls more quickly.

Pepper: The plumber will become fiery and will be able to pass through fire without dying, but the regular clones will die if they touch him.

Cola bottle: The plumber will go up without stopping until it dies or gets another power-up. If it goes too high it will die automatically.

Weird mushroom: The plumber will reverse his controls and change to a red colour.

Coin jumping can be done by pressing the jump button when a clone is made. The clone will jump once like it spawned from a platform. This is needed for some levels.

Reception[edit | edit source]

Enough Plumbers was front paged and allowed to have medals. It won Daily First and, as of May 2012, it has over 800,000 views and an average review of 9.3/10. Enough Plumbers also won the May monthly contest and was a nominee for the Tank Awards.

Medals[edit | edit source]

  • Easy Way Out: Finish level 19 the easy? way. 10 points.
  • Pacifist: Finish level 6 without hurting a single foe! 25 points.
  • King Krusher: Finished the game! 50 points.
  • Survivalist: Don't lose a single plumber on level 8. 100 points.

Links[edit | edit source]

Play it on Newgrounds.

YouTube Walkthrough Levels 1-15

YouTube Walkthrough Levels 16-25

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