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Encyclopedia Dramatica was a satirical wiki that was active from December 9, 2004 to April 14, 2011. Like Uncyclopedia, it was a satire of Wikipedia, and contained a large amount of potentially offensive, or blatantly offensive content. The wiki contained over 8,000 "high quality" pages, and had over 100,000 registered users. Their motto was "In lulz we trust" and is written on the main page, below the title.


ED was notorious for offensive, or otherwise troll-like articles. However, they had successfully documented many popular internet memes. ED and Uncyclopedia, or other sites have been at ends with each other before, usually resulting in edit wars and attacks on community members. Nonetheless, it was one of the "hot-beds" of the internet, where content combined with context.

Relationship with Newgrounds Edit

Encyclopedia Dramatica had several extensive articles about Newgrounds. As some users have noticed, the articles for NG are exceptionally elaborate, in contrast to other articles.[1] The main article stated that "Jewgrounds" had gone downhill since the "lulz era," and especially since the site redesign in 2007. The articles also poke fun at NG culture, such as people's voting habits, the popularity of video game parodies, the abundance of sexual material, and a "guide" to the personalities you'll meet in the BBS.

On the other end, the Newgrounds forums have been peppered with discussion of ED, often (predictably) getting locked or descending into repetition.[2]

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