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Egoraptor working on Awesome Gaiden, 2008
Real Name: Arin Hanson
Birthdate: 01/06/1987
Profile: Egoraptor
Alts: ChibiWeeWee
Aura: Blank Slate
Level: Level 7
Blank Slate AuraLevel 7
Whistle: NormalWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Civilian
Flash: Metal Gear Awesome

Girlchan in Paradise Ep 1

Audio: Pirate Contest Whatever

Arin Joseph Hanson, also known by his Internet pseudonym Egoraptor, was a popular artist and animator on Newgrounds during the late 2000s/early 2010s.

He is the creator of the "Awesome" series on Newgrounds, which has been featured on several occasions and won many awards. After joining in 2001, he submitted his first Awesome movie, Metal Gear Awesome in 2006, which was highly influential for video game parodies on Newgrounds.

Following his departure from Newgrounds, he has become something of a controversial figure due to his infrequent outbursts criticizing the website and its userbase, most notably on an occasion in which he called out fellow animator SrPelo for his parody of YouTube storytime animation channels in 2019.

However, as of recent he seems to be more appreciative of Newgrounds, praising Tom Fulp for helping him with his career.[1]He also made a guest appearance in Corridor Crew Animators Reacts to Bad & Great Cartoons where he, Sam, and Niko reacts to many old Flash animations.[2]


Metal Gear Awesome

A scene from Metal Gear Awesome

Egoraptor's aesthetic involves a loose art style, quick talking, abundant swearing, and frequent sexual innuendos, along with references to the material that is parodied, such as the codec conversations in Metal Gear Solid.

Many of Egoraptor's films were parodies of popular video games, though they were generally looked upon more favorably than parodies created by other authors like LegendaryFrog: as Egoraptor's parodies often focused on parodying more general aspects of games, making them much more accessible for an audience who may have been unfamiliar with his subject matter.

Egoraptor and Tomatomar co-created the "Girlchan in Paradise" series: a parody of Shonen anime which features a similar style of humor to his earlier Awesome video game parody series, though focuses on more detailed artwork.



As of September 2012, Egoraptor has a total of over 65 Flash submissions, which have won over 100 awards. This includes 10 Weekly Users' Choice awards, seven Review Crew Picks, and over thirty Daily Features.

Additionally, a handful of his Flash are among the most viewed in Newgrounds history, with Metal Gear Awesome 2 being the second most viewed non-Adult movie on the site, only surpassed by The Ultimate Showdown.

In total, his movies have cumulated over 62 million views on Newgrounds. Due to the high ratings and popularity of his submissions, he was at one point contacted by MTV for a contract and was the highest followed user on Newgrounds for a long while.

Outside Newgrounds[]

The Tester[]

During the voting period for new contestants on season 3 of "The Tester", a Sony-promoted gameshow, Egoraptor asked if his fans could vote for him, which landed him a guaranteed spot on the show.

The judges criticized Egoraptor's success by claiming that he was riding on his fan support, and was trying to use the show to promote himself, instead of Sony. Perhaps as a result of this, he was eliminated in the third episode, creating a huge uproar among fans on the YouTube video.


One of Egoraptor's more popular works is his "Sequelitis" series. In this series, he compares two video games, the original in a series and one of its sequels, and either praises or denounces the follow-up. He has stated that this series is not on Newgrounds due to the general lack of animation.[1]

Game grumps logo

Game Grumps[]

As of late 2012, Egoraptor participates on the channel "Game Grumps." This channel contains a number of "Let's Plays" of various classic and modern video games, with commentary by him and the popular YouTube game reviewer Jon Jafari, aka "JonTron." As of June 25, 2013, Arin does Game Grumps with Danny of NinjaSexParty after Jon left to work on JonTronShow.


During Egoraptor's time on Newgrounds, he was frequently parodied by the Star Syndicate[citation needed] , with rtil (a contributor to the spam group) being one of Egoraptor's most outspoken critics.

In more recent years, Egoraptor has been criticized for his somewhat abrasive attitudes towards Newgrounds creators and their content,[3] although this has died down somewhat.