Real Name:
Profile: EJR
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Aura: Animator
Level: Level 33
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Whistle: DeityWhistle.png
Blam/Protect Rank: Staff Sergeant.png
Staff Sergeant
Flash: SBC: Moon Mission

he koolest flash 4 srs
Clock Day #854
AlaskaClock in Hawaii!

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EJR, formerly known as EJRProductions, is a somewhat prominent Art Portal figure. He is an Icon, Portal, and Forum Moderator.

He has a few Flash credited to his name. He currently has two trophies. He was formerly working on a project for a complete guide to Whistle status.

Icon & Genre Mod[edit | edit source]

EJR reached 1337 icons in 2010. He produced a FAQ for Icon Mods.

Art Portal[edit | edit source]

EJR has submitted 30 pieces of art.

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