Dumping Grounds

Somebody's unused Dumping Grounds.

Dumping Grounds or "File Storage" was introduced in January 2010 as a place where users could upload content in order to share with friends or to get feedback on before submitting a final version to one of the portals. Images as well as Flash creations can be submitted to the Dumping Grounds. As explained in the FAQ, it is not intended to showcase material and the files can only be accessed by those it is made available to by the User.

The Dumping Grounds were described in the Newgrounds FAQ long before they were employed. Possibly, this was a reference to the NG Alpha system, which, before the 2007 redesign, allowed people to play unfinished Flash files uploaded by users. [1][2]


Dumping Grounds storage is limited to 512 megabytes to each user. File types accepted are: .fla, .swf, .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, .psd, and .tif. This includes a variety of Flash and image formats, but doesn't include any audio formats. Only registered Newgrounds users can use this feature. In a recent post Tom has promised a redesign including a bigger limitation for Dumping Grounds.


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