"Drunk Science"
Author: Edgar Nielsen
Audio used: Tomska
Origin: 10/25/2010
Size: 2.1 MB
Score(As of 25 January, 2011): 4.46/5.00
Awards: Awards 1Weekly Users' Choice

Review Crew PickReview Crew Pick

Awards 6Daily Second

Author's comments:
Commissioned by good o'l Tomska of Cakebomb.

Gotta say, he does great soundscapes. I look forward to making more of these.

Anywho, HOW ARE YOU? I quit my job recently. Isn't that great? You'll be seeing a lot more of me.

And yes, we are aware that there are no penguins in the north pole. You have drunk science to thank for that too.


Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Drunk Science is a flash movie by Edgar Nielsen. It chronicles the story of two people who make the mistake of conducting science while intoxicated.

Story Edit

The story begins when two guys decide to consume large amounts of alcohol. After riding a pig around their house, they take out their lab coats and gloves and begin building a time machine. It works perfectly, and the duo brings several cases of beer with them to an unknown time. There, they encounter a bear, which initially intimidates them. However, after grabbing a bottle of beer, the three become buddies, and travel around time while getting intoxicated. Eventually, things become blurry, and the two humans regain consciousness in their home. The duo have hangovers and are unable to clearly remember what happened, although they realize that "Drunk Science" was to blame. Meanwhile, the bear wakes up at the North Pole, 150,000 years ago. There, he wakes up enraged, confused about where he is and what penguins are. At the end of the movie, he is announced to be "Jeff," the world's first Polar Bear.

In the author comments, Edgar Nielsen hints that Jeff was singlehandedly responsible for the extinction of penguins at the North Pole, lampshading his own scientific inaccuracy.

Presentation Edit

Drunk Science

It's good to make new friends.

Like many comedic shorts on Newgrounds, both the art style and voices of Drunk Science are stylishly simplified and exaggerated. The fact that the two humans are capable of building a time machine while drunk seems credible with such a silly style. Much of the movie is set to a track by Tomska, interrupted only by Jeff's initial appearance and the eventual sobering of the party. All three characters, the two humans and Jeff, are all fully voiced by Tomska, who made the music, and Bing.

Reception Edit

Drunk Science was an immediate hit on Newgrounds, winning first the Daily Second prize and then, one day later, the Weekly Users' Choice and Review Crew Pick awards. This makes Drunk Science the only Flash submission by Edgar Nielsen to win either of those awards. However, it ultimately did not become included in the Flash Portal History, possibly due to the fact that it did not create any new trends or become exceptionally popular. Within three months, the movie had over 500,000 views.

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