"Doodle God"
Author: Badim
Audio used: Doodle God Main Theme
Origin: 06/23/2010
Size: 2.9 MB
Score(As of 03 May, 2010): 4.45/5.00
Awards: Awards 5.gifDaily Feature

Awards 1.gifWeekly Users' Choice

Author's comments:
Doodle God puts the power of creation in your hands. Mixing and matching different elements, work your way up, all the way from bacteria and beetles, to clay and ceramics, to tools, weapons and beyond! But beware, creating a whole world is not so easy - inventing the wheel might just end in a plague of zombies...

Don't worry though; you're not completely alone on your cosmic journey! Every time you successfully create a new item or procedure, you'll also be rewarded with the wit and wisdom of some of the greatest philosophers and comedians!

[30/06/2010] - Tnx to ALL for support, and for rewards, and for FP! We have added medals, and fixed a lot of small interface bugs. We also working on sequel - so stay tuned.

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Doodle God is a Flash Game by Badim. It explores the concept of elements being the basis of different parts of the world.

Design[edit | edit source]

Doodle God is based around combining 'elements' to create more elements. Players start with the four classical elements (Fire, Air, Water, and Earth), and can create up to 115 elements, which belong to one of 14 categories. Although not every combination of elements will lead to a reaction, various combinations of elements can have similar results. For example, combining the "Fire" and "Tree" elements will create "Ash" and "Coal." However, one may also create "Ash" by combining "Fire" with "Tobacco." Therefore, although there are some particularly important elements to create, such as "Life" and "Human," progress is largely open ended. However, players are scored based on how quickly they can create all 115 elements. There is also a help button that shows two categories that will have a new reaction. However, the player must wait increasingly long periods of time between uses of the button.

List of Elements[edit | edit source]

  • Air
  • Airplane
  • Alcohol
  • Alcoholic
  • Ash
  • Assassin
  • Bacteria
  • Beast
  • Beer
  • Beetle
  • Bird
  • Blood
  • Boat
  • Boiler
  • Book
  • Bread
  • Bricks
  • Butterfly
  • Car
  • Cart
  • Cement
  • Ceramics
  • Chariot
  • Cigarette
  • Clay
  • Clothes
  • Coal
  • Concrete
  • Corpse
  • Demigod
  • Dinosaur
  • Dolphin
  • Domestic Animal
  • Dough
  • Dragon
  • Dust
  • Earth
  • Egg
  • Electricity
  • Fabric
  • Feather
  • Fern
  • Fertilizer
  • Field
  • Fire
  • Firearm
  • Fish
  • Flour
  • Frigate
  • Ghost
  • Ghoul
  • Glass
  • Golem
  • Grass
  • Gun Powder
  • Hero
  • House
  • Human
  • Hunter
  • Hut
  • Lava
  • Life
  • Limestone
  • Lizard
  • Locomotive
  • Meat
  • Metal
  • Milk
  • Moss
  • Mushroom
  • Oil
  • Paper
  • Phoenix
  • Plankton
  • Poison
  • Poisoned Weapon
  • Reed
  • Saltpeter
  • Sand
  • Scorpion
  • Seeds
  • Sex
  • Shell
  • Skyscraper
  • Snake
  • Steam
  • Steam Engine
  • Steam Ship
  • Stone
  • Storm
  • Sulphur
  • Swamp
  • Thunderbird
  • Tobacco
  • Tools
  • Treant
  • Tree
  • Turtle
  • Vampire
  • Vodka
  • Warrior
  • Water
  • Weapon
  • Weeds
  • Werewolf
  • Whale
  • Wheat
  • Wheel
  • Wizard
  • Wood
  • Wool
  • Worm
  • Zombie

Presentation[edit | edit source]

All of the categories, as seen at the end of the game.

Doodle God is a visually simple game, involving no complex animation. Each of the 115 elements is identified by a box with a simple image and label on it. The fourteen category symbols are a bit larger and more detailed, but are still fairly basic. However, whenever the player completes a reaction, a famous quote that relates to the reaction appears. Meanwhile, a single loop of music plays for the majority of the game. However, when players combine elements, they may also hear a chorus. When a player discovers an entirely new element, a special chorus track is used.

Reception[edit | edit source]

As of May 2011, Doodle God had already reached over 1.8 million views, and has an average review score of 9.3/10. It also won the Daily Feature and Weekly Users' Choice awards, despite being submitted a full week before receiving the second prize. Since scores tend to deflate after the first few days, this is a particularly notable accomplishment. It was also Badim's first submission to win either award, despite having already submitted eight award winning Flash submissions. Doodle God was also voted the second best game of June 2010, losing only to Larry And The Gnomes by a few points. In November, a sequel called Doodle Devil was released.

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