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Derpixon is an American NSFW artist and animator on Newgrounds. They are currently the #1 most followed user on Newgrounds with over 700K fans.


Almost every single movie Derpixon had made or contributed to are rated A, with Persona 5 - HeartSwitch (SFW CUT) and Promo-Chan as the sole exceptions. Part of Derpixon's content are pornographic parodies from videogames, like Persona and Final Fantasy.

One of their most notable submissions is Mime And Dash, a movie involving a threesome between a man and two female mimes named BonBon and ChuChu. Other movies such as FANDELTales - The Cursed Prince, [1]Sea King Judgement, and Test of Faith would amass similar view counts, ranging from 750K to 6 million views each.


Derpixon has 4 games, all rated A. All but the first one are scene viewers from their animations.


Derpixon submits both NSFW and SFW content on the Art Portal. They also have an alt, Cutsu-Art which exclusively posts SFW content (rated E-T)