Deimos is a 22 year old protagonist in the Madness series, by Krinkels, and is Sanford's Partner. He is seen with Sanford in all of his appearances thus far: Madness Depredation, Madness Combat 5.5, Madness Combat 6, and Madness Combat 9.

Personality and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Deimos is an oddity within the Madness series, due to his fondness for working with Sanford. His favorite weapons are a pair of assault rifles, which he uses with great effectiveness in Madness Combat 9. Deimos also seems to have a lighthearted side; he once tried to scare Sanford by jumping up on him wearing a dead agent's mask. This is ironic, considering how he is named after the Greek deity of terror. Deimos is also a heavy smoker, a trait that usually coincides with death in the Madness series.

Appearances in the Madness Series[edit | edit source]

Deimos first appeared, along with Sanford, near the end of Madness Depredation, when he handed Hank a katana and drove off. However, they were hit from above by a fallen building, separating them from Hank during the following fight. Sanford and Deimos then try to make their way out of the enemy's stronghold, avoiding Tricky, bandaging their wounds, and donning their trademark gear along the way.

Possibly Deimos's greatest role in the Madness series was during Madness Combat 9, when he teamed up with Sanford once again to resurrect Hank. Late in the mission, Deimos was separated from Sanford, and had to operate the machinery to revive Hank on his own. Although he succeeded, he was shot in the process by a possessed ATP agent. Later, his corpse was used by Hank to absorb enemy fire.

Madness Combat 10[edit | edit source]

His limp corpse from Madness Aggregation makes a brief appearance at the beginning of the episode, but Deimos' body is not seen when the Auditor sucks up bodies, hinting that his body may yet be recovered, and revived.

Dedmos's Adventures[edit | edit source]

In a series of shorts following the events of Episode 10 & 11, Deimos, now dubbed "Dedmos", travels through a hellish domain, fighting his way back to reality while experiencing surreal hallucinations and suffering increasingly gruesome injuries. He eventually manages to rebuild himself into an amalgamation of rock and flesh, before finally being tracked down and pulled back into reality by a new character known as "2BDamned". The Miniseries ends on a cliffhanger, with Dedmos having pulled back numerous agents, corrupted in a manner similar to him, although it can be presumed that he will fight them off and make his way back to Hank and Sanford at some later date. [Links are gone, sorry for the inconvenience]

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