Real Name: David C. Lovelace
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Aura: Blank Slate
Level: Level 15
Blank Slate AuraLevel 15
Whistle: NormalWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Safety Patrol
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Flash: Retarded Animal Babies

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Dave is a popular and well-established author on Newgrounds. He is best known for the multi-award winning series Retarded Animal Babies, though he has created other series, including Sci-Fi Guys, and various submissions, as well as audio submissions. The Retarded Animal Babies Series, has had 22 entries as of August 2010.

Reception Edit

Dave's Retarded Animal Babies Series is featured in the Flash Portal History. He has won over 60 Awards, including at least one Monthly and one King of the Portal; 24 Daily Feature;, eight Weekly Users' Choice awards; and three Review Crew Picks.

News/Personal Edit

Dave writes a lot about he production of RAB, always talking about how difficult it has become to created new RAB's, against the multitude of requests for more RAB episodes. He explains how he doesn't make much money from RAB and that the word "Retarded" in the title, whilst being part of the success, also stops him from being able to create such things as posters for the series. He is married and his wife, Lee-Ann provides the voice for one of his characters.

Animation work outside NG Edit

Dave is well-known for his work with Weird Al Yankovich.

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