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Darnell is one of the protagonists in Pico. Darnell first appeared in Pico with an animation called Darnell Plays with Fire(originally titled pyro 101) made by the founder of NG [Tom Fulp]. The animation was created in 1999 making it one of the first animations on Newgrounds.

Darnell first appearence(1999-2000)

The animationEdit

Darnell Plays With Fire (or pyro 101) starts with Darnell showing buildings on fire and making a statement about how he set explosives to make the city go up in flames- he likes the fire. Then a plane crashes and Darnell goes to the place of the crashed plane. The plane then explodes and lands on Darnell causing him to die. Then a white screen appears. Darnell then supposedly saw God with a flamethrower burning him alive. Then a message appeared saying a moral lesson.


The Pico series of games, animations and characters are all a key part of Newgrounds history. They were created when Flash was young and used effects that were advanced for their time.

The animation:Edit

Original page upload(1999):


NG Portal upload(2006):


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