DaGrahamCraka is a musician on Newgrounds that has posted 112 songs and joined on September 9, 2006. His real name is Drury Graham and he is 28 years old. He currentlt has 1 trophy and 45 medals. He is level 16 and has the rank of "Police Officer".

Popular songsEdit

Some of DaGrahamCraka's most famous songs include Runaway, Pink Elephants and Lemonade, and Frozen. While most of his songs have less than 15,000 listens, Runaway has over 827,000 (As 0f May 20, 2020). The score for Runaway is 4.61/5.00, and Runaway has over 207,000 downloads. The songs was featured in a very recent iDubbbz video. 

Links and Other InformationEdit

DaGrahamCraka does not have a youtube channel. 

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