Convict is a villain of newgrounds who debuted in the flash movie Pico vs Convict, and is enemies with Pico & Nene. Convict has the ability to shapeshift.

Background in the game[edit | edit source]

A new nemesis has risen to fill the deceased fear-monger's shoes in the wake of Cassandra's slaughter.

All better, Pico's trigger finger was getting a little cramped anyway.

Story[edit | edit source]

Identity theft[edit | edit source]

Convict has a elaborate plan to crumble Newgrounds. To do that he must collect the form of a trusted figure in the area. The first one was Tankman. This was he's first step of his plan.

Ass Compactor[edit | edit source]

After killing Tankman, trying to take a discrete route through a junkyard, he was stopped by P-Bot and Alloy.

Passing the Torch, Evil versus Evil[edit | edit source]

Destroying P-Bot and Alloy Hе met Piconjo. Piconjo has found out about Convict's warpath and is not interested in the sharing the glory of toppling Newgrounds. He will kill to perseve his role.

[edit | edit source]
[edit | edit source]

No Prisoner [edit | edit source]

The final step was at its finish, but it took Pico, Nene and S'Asshole to get Convict into padded cell, but they were too weak to keep Convict's force there.

[edit | edit source]
The Last[edit | edit source]

Much to everyone's suprise, Convict disappeared from public view rather than taking Newgrounds' throne. To a shapeshifter, being so known and identifiable was too risky. He would assert his power by pulling strings on the sidelines, making sure everything was done his way.

Newgrounds Rumble[edit | edit source]

Convict is an unlockable character in Newgrounds Rumble, buyable through Grounds Gold. Convict is the most well-balanced character and easiest to use, as well as the best character in the game, because he can shape shift into all the different characters. The only flaw is that he cannot control his shapeshifting in-game like he can in canon. The battle in the last level is by far the hardest in the whole game.

Pros[edit | edit source]
  • Always has fresh attacks
  • Balanced
Cons[edit | edit source]
  • No projectile of his own
  • Can't control transformation

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In his appearance in Pico VS Convict, he is depicted as being barechested or is completely nude, and also has tattoos on his left arm, and shows less powerful shapeshifting abilities than in Newgrounds Rumble, he wears a black tuxedo, a white shirt, and a red tie, as well as grey gloves, he also demonstrates far greater shapeshifting abilities, turning his hands and limbs into various weapons for his attacks.
  • It is implied that Nene has encountered him before sometime in the past, given how she seems to know his name as shown in her note to Pico in Pico VS Convict.
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