A typical Collection Page

A Collection or Series page is where flash movies and games made on a similar topic are put together by the Newgrounds Admin. Users can also nominate any Flash movie or game for an existing collection or series, though the final decision of which movies to include always rests with Admin. The page will show which submissions are the most popularly selected by users for this category, which is often not close to the choice made by admin.

Collection Pages[edit | edit source]

These are pages grouping together Flash submissions of a certain subject. Collections can be accessed on the top navigation bar, along with the Flash Portal, Audio Portal, and BBS. In total, there are about 40 main collection pages, some of them, like the Video Game Parodies page, lead to many more specific collections. A number of crews have collection pages, which groups often consider as a key point in their recognition by Newgrounds.

Collection pages on Newgrounds

Series Pages[edit | edit source]

These function similarly to Collection pages. They are a group of submission based on a single original franchise along with any chosen parodies and other related submissions. Over 150 series from throughout Newgrounds History have their own pages, ranging from a few games, as seen in the Alice is Dead page, to the dozens of official and fan submissions on the Madness page. The first Series On Newgrounds was Scrotum The Puppy.

Series pages

Full Range of Collections and Series

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