Real Name: Chris Carson
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Profile: Clickteam
Alts: Kisguri
Aura: Blank Slate
Level: Level 5
Mod AuraLevel 5
Whistle: NormalWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Civilian
Flash: Chocobreak Tutorial

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Clickteam is a user controlled by Chris Carson, AKA Kisguri, representing a software studio known as Clickteam USA. In 2010, the Clickteam account was made a Newgrounds Forum Moderator specifically to moderate The Games Factory 2 thread. Chris frequents the Games Factory forum and helps users out there.

Chris "Kisguri" Carson Edit

Chris explains in a thread that he is the VP of Clickteam USA. He is involved in sales and admin for them. As of 2010 he has used their products for ten years and has been an employee for four. He also has his own User account Kisguri.

Jeff "FlyinV" VanceEdit

Jeff is another member of the Clickteam team, who introduced his Username- FlyinV - on the Clickteam says Hello thread. He explains that though he mainly does sales, school support and accounts he may drop in to answer questions.

Clickteam USA Edit

They explain on their website that they have a partnership with Newgrounds:

"Clickteam is excited to announce it's partnership with online creativity portal Newgrounds is now offering prospective Flash creators the chance to use The Games Factory 2 to create Flash content for the Newgrounds site absolutely free in a special edition of the tool. This special version of TGF2 gives users a basic set of objects to use and will compile SWF for the Adobe Flash Player files that will work on the Newgrounds website."

  • Retrieved Nov 29th 2010

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