Charlie the Unicorn is a series of three Flash Animations by Jason Steele, aka TypeQueen, made in 2005, 2008, and 2009. They feature Charlie, a grumpy gray unicorn, and a pair of androgynous blue and pink unicorns. The two other unicorns lead Charlie into misadventures, in which they take advantage of his situation. 

Episode 1 Plot Edit

The movie starts with Charlie lying in a meadow. The blue and pink unicorns come to wake up Charlie. They tell him that they have found a map to Candy Mountain, and he must come with them. Charlie reluctantly follows them. On their way, they stop to ask a Liopleurodon for directions and cross the bridge, with Charlie getting annoyed every step of the way. Once they reach Candy Mountain, the blue and pink unicorns tell Charlie that he must enter the Candy cave. Although he initially refuses, a musical number by the letters C, A, N, D, and Y convince him to enter. Once Charlie enters the cave, the way out is blocked, and he is knocked out. He awakes to find that they took his kidney.

Episode 2 Plot Edit

Charlie the Unicorn is watching TV when the blue and pink unicorns float above him in scuba gear, pretending to explore the ocean. A vortex appears on Charlie's back, much to his surprise, and the unicorns enter it. When they come out again, they have an amulet, which they say they need to bring to the Banana King. Otherwise, the vortex would open again, and darkness would destroy the world. Charlie agrees to go with them. While they travel through the woods, the annoying unicorns make strange noises, talk to the letter Z, and ride in a shoe. Once they reach the Temple of the Banana King, they are greeted by a slug in Santa Claus's hat, who sings that Charlie should put a banana in his ear before bursting into flames. The amulet then shines a beam of light at Charlie, suspending him in air, who it turns out is the Banana King. Bananas and a crown descend upon him, but just when Charlie is becoming excited, the pink and blue unicorns disappear. When he eventually gets back, he finds that his TV was stolen.

Reception Edit

The original video has had over 2 million views, and its sequels have each had well over half a million views apiece. The YouTube version of the original, which became popular in 2006, has become a major hit, with over 40 million views, despite being stolen from TypeQueen. All three animations have been daily features.

The Original The Sequel The Third Movie

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