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|birthdate = December 1989
|birthdate = December 1989
|profile = [ Canas ]
|profile = [ Canas ]
|aura = Blank Slate
|aura = Artist
|level = 31
|level = 32
|whistle = Deity
|whistle = Deity
|rank = Police Captain}}
|rank = Police Captain}}

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Real Name: {{{realname}}}
Birthdate: December 1989
Profile: Canas
Alts: {{{alts}}}
Aura: Artist
Level: Level 32
Artist AuraLevel 32
Whistle: DeityWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Police Captain
Police Captain
Flash: {{{flash}}}
Audio: {{{audio}}}

Canas is from Calgary, a city in Alberta, Canada. He joined Newgrounds on June 9, 2004 and as of Aug 2010 he has over 14,000 BBS posts to his name. Canas also has six collaborative Flash submissions, which have generally been rated poorly.

I Survived Canas 2011 MemeEdit

On August 5th 2011, Canas' account was hacked,[1] and as a result a number of reviewers were perma-banned from reviewing. This has since been fixed, but the incident started the minor sig meme "I survived Canas 2011 and all I got was this lousy sig".[2]


A sample ban when Canas was hacked.

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